About Us

Corey Sielaff

About me in short, I love sports, history, working with kids, laughing, telling a great story, Diet Coke, mac and cheese, and screaming at the TV supporting my favorite teams the Packers, Cubs, Badgers and Jayhawks. I’m a big kid at heart, love going camping but am slightly afraid of the dark (who’s not?) and am ready at a moment’s notice for my next adventure. Let’s go!

Mary Handel

I love all things glamourous. This includes but isn’t limited to: Gold things, glittery things, jewelry, makeup, getting dressed up, beautiful outfits, cute shoes, and ball gowns. I truly believe that two of the most beautiful people in the world are brides and pregnant women. (I’m not just saying that because I’m a photographer- ask anyone that I know! They will tell you that I am obsessed with weddings and babies!) I love dogs and being outside and I love to be hot. I married my highschool sweetheart in the Pinterest wedding of my dreams and he kindly indulges me when I take way too many selfies. I am a self proclaimed selfie queen.

Irish Lane Photography

We met while working for a local photography company and instantly became inseparable. None of our co-workers could see why we got along so well. We couldn’t be more different. Corey is sporty, laid back, and spontaneous while Mary is high-energy, glamorous, and detail oriented. So how is it that we get along? The answer is that we have no clue either! But here is what we do know: We love being together. When we are together we laugh, we smile, but most of all we get things done. Together we are the perfect team!