It's no lie that we LOVE an engagement session! Let us tell you the reason we offer a FREE engagement session to all of our couples!

We Want to get to know you!!!

Seriously let's hang out! We don't want to just be the girls behind the cameras! We want to invest in you, get to know you, and hear your story. We want to show up at your wedding and laugh at all of our new inside jokes! Everyone has their own story and that's a huge reason we love photography. Being able to tell your story is what makes us happy!

Seriously let us buy you a drink or lets get ice cream!

You'll be picture experts!

Let's be honest. If you arent getting pictures taken often (Gents I'm looking at you!!) you can feel a little nervous and awkward at first. That's why we hold your hand through the engagement session and guide you through your photos so you can focus on making moon eyes at each other! By the end, you will be having so much fun that you will forget that we are basically your own personal paparazzi!

Pictures on your wedding day will be effortless!

Let's celebrate your engagement!

Being engaged is a crazy season in your life and now more than ever do you deserve to have the spotlight! Take the afternoon, bring some champagne, and let's celebrate this crazy journey your about to go on TOGETHER!

We aren't kidding. Pick somewhere crazy, get dressed up and we will meet you there- because when else will you have a reason!